M&A Origination. Deal Sourcing. Deal Matching. No intermediazioni. No Success Fees.
M&A Origination. Deal Sourcing. Deal Matching. No intermediazioni. No Success Fees.
The Closing Club is the platform designed for M&A professionals. It is Members Only, access is by invitation only. Our users are lawyers, accountants, consultants, advisors, entrepreneurs, funds.


Gruppo Euronext - Borsa Italiana
Associazione Alte Professionalitą Indipendenti
Associazione Italiana Giovani Avvocati
ODCEC Verona
Ordine dei Dottori Commercialisti e degli Esperti Contabili di Verona
UGDC Verona
Unione Giovani Dottori Commercialisti di Verona

The Closing Club is dedicated to the origination of M&A operations, without requiring any intermediation: two professionals enter into a relationship based on a potential complementary business.
Contact or be contacted, create your opportunity card with just 3 data: sector, area and turnover. Add the details of the operation while always maintaining maximum confidentiality. The club is by invitation only.
Subscriptions TCC PRO includes technologies to deepen the opportunity and relationships with the contacts acquired, such as chat, smart evaluation and negotiation.
Reserved for M&A professionals. Access by invitation only.

Club services

Member's Only
There is no automatic registration. To avoid «time wasters», the club accepts users based on a proven interest in M&A. We have developed selection algorithms at the entrance that evaluate the profile on the basis of data available online and registration for professional orders.
Confidentiality and Privacy
The platform was created to create anonymous cards of your opportunities. To find out more, a member of the Club contacts you directly. The club's goal is origination, to bring two professionals together based on a complementary business interest.
Automatic Personalized Notifications
The platform notifies all club members periodically if a new opportunity has been entered. In the profile you can set your preferences, interests and business areas you are interested in to receive notifications of only compatible opportunities.

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