How does it work
Main questions and answers to explain how The Closing Club platform works. If you have other doubts or questions, write to
What is The Closing Club?

In the platform, enter the essential data to be contacted and the general information of your business opportunities.
An e-mail box is required to be contacted.
To enter an opportunity, 3 data are required: the sector, the turnover, the area.
In the platform you can find sell-side or buy-side opportunities: the search shows the product sectors of the opportunities present, by selecting the relevant tabs you can get in touch with the professionals who entered them. Likewise other professionals come into contact with you.

Why join the club?

In the Club you access a network of professionals, your phone book may not be enough to close an M&A operation. In the club you have a constantly updated overview of the opportunities entered by other professionals who may be of interest to your client.

How do you enter an opportunity?

It takes less than 1 minute to insert an opportunity and is immediately published in the club. If interested, club members can make direct contact with you.
By clicking «add opportunity» you can choose sell-side or buy-side. In addition to a generic name visible only to you, the necessary data are sector, turnover, country.
Sub-sector, region and province, ebitda and blind profile are optional.
All data are entered by selecting a drop-down menu, except for the blind profile which is a file to be uploaded in pdf format: the content of the latter is under the complete responsibility of the user who inserts it.

Why invite other professionals to the club?

Time in our world is money. How long does it take you to send your professional colleagues an email to describe the operation you would like to do, or for which you are in charge, by attaching a blind profile? Do you want to understand if the professionals in your address book are interested in the opportunity you have the mandate for? Are you sure you haven't forgotten anyone? Do you remember talking about it with all the interested parties?
And if after doing it nothing happens? In the club this activity is simplified, faster and more effective, that's why invite other professionals to the Club!

What is the advantage of being in the club?

In the life of a professional, a merger, acquisition or investment transaction may rain from the sky or may be requested by a client. But in most cases it is necessary to build it with initiative, making the most of your network of personal contacts. But are they enough? Am I up to it? We are often in trouble, not always looking for a buyer or a competitor to be acquired on behalf of one of our customers is not within the scope of our contacts. Being constantly updated makes the difference, this is the advantage of being part of a professional club. Close the operation or eat your hands because someone else closed it? Enjoy the benefits.

How much?

The TCC PRO platform provides for an annual fee, grants unlimited access to all business opportunities entered by other users and provides tools to support the daily M&A activity. The fee is essential to create a community of truly active and interested users.